The Southern Testing Center is excited to be a location for the CLEP. If you are considering the Southern Testing Center as your testing site for the CLEP, this page will provide you with all the information you need.

About CLEP

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 50 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 2,000 test centers. This rigorous program allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores on any of the 34 examinations.

While CLEP is sponsored by the College Board, only colleges may grant credit toward a degree. Not all colleges have the same CLEP policies—some colleges accept credit for a few exams, while others accept credit for all of them. Prior to test registration, be sure to check with your college to ensure that they accept credit for the exam you wish to take.

Exam Registration

To register for the CLEP, you must visit the CLEP website and purchase the exam you wish to take. During the registration process, you can select Southern Connecticut State University as your preferred location, but this does not create your appointment. In order to schedule a time to take your test, you must contact the Southern Testing Center directly by emailing


For more information about the CLEP, please visit the CLEP website through the following link: