Academic Supports

The Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services offers various forms of academic support, Peer Academic Leaders (PALS), Tutoring (course based and writing), and Peer-Led Study Groups.

Individual support is available by appointment across courses during the academic year.

Appointments are strongly encouraged to ensure that an Academic or Writing Specialist is available to meet with you. Appointments may be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes and are offered both in-person and virtually. Students are limited to 1 hour a day per subject to meet the tutoring demands of all SCSU students. 

How to Schedule a Tutoring Session

During peak times, Math tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis in the CASAS Math Zone. In-person and virtual appointments are offered at specific times throughout the week. 

Peer-Led Study Groups help you stay on track in challenging courses. CASAS will offer this type of academic enhancement in four courses this semester: PHY 309, MAT 372, ACC 310, and NUR 343. Please click on the course for the schedule.

Any student enrolled in these courses can attend a study group. Sessions will be held weekly at regularly scheduled times in the CASAS. No appointment is needed! These are held in a drop-in setting. Groups will be facilitated by a student who has taken and done well in the course. During the one-hour meetings, students will talk through key concepts from the course, ask questions on points of confusion, help answer one another’s questions, and work through practice problems or exercises together. The study groups are highly collaborative, comfortable environments where students can learn from one another and help one another find success.  

General Writing 
Writing appointments can be made for any course in any discipline. Our tutors have a grasp of a variety of writing styles and can assist with papers ranging from social work case studies to midterm history papers. Regardless of content subjects, our general writing tutors can help students organize ideas and write clear and well-structured papers.  

Business Writing 
Often professional writing majors, these students can help tutor papers in a concise and professional style. Different than argumentative or thesis writing, business writing involves a different stylized approach to conveying ideas, and our tutors can help!  

Science Lab Report Writing 
To help provide more focalized support for our students, we now offer services specific to the development and completion of lab reports, for both biology and chemistry courses. These tutors are familiar with the construction of higher-level scientific writing and formatting and are happy to help from the first page to the last footnote. 

We offer graduate level peer tutors who excel in writing to provide support with master's program material. Our tutors can help in a variety of academic disciplines. 

PALS (Peer Academic Leaders) is a non-remedial approach to learning that supports students toward academic success by integrating “what to learn” with “how to learn.” The structure of PALS allows for additional academic support to help with the above mentioned pieces.  PALS embeds students in each section of certain courses who provide sessions driven by students’ needs. Sessions are facilitated by trained peer leaders who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups.


Spring 2023 Schedule

Please note that multiple students will be signed up for one online session.