Southern Testing Center


The Southern Testing Center abides by the National College Testing Association’s Professional Standards and Guidelines in providing high-quality test administration services to students, faculty, staff, and community members. This center provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with a public service through our paper-and-pencil and computer-based testing services; our clean, quiet, and secure testing center; and our outstanding customer service offered by our trained testing center personnel to meet the needs of all test-takers.

Please note that that we are currently administering tests, but due to COVID-19, we are implementing social distancing rules and additional safety precautions. Below is a list of policies that test-takers should be aware of:

  • Test-takers are required to wear face masks for the duration of their time in the testing center. Entry to the center will not be permitted for any individual without a mask.
  • Upon entry, visitors will be required to sanitize their hands.
  • Arrows on the floor will promote social distancing by ensuring that all traffic flows in one direction.
  • In general, all doors will remain open to minimize the amount of people touching door handles. When testing is in progress, your proctor will keep the door open until all test-takers have entered the room and test administration can begin. At this point, your proctor will close the door and sanitize the handle. At the end of the test administration, your proctor will open the door, allow test-takers to exit, and sanitize the handle once again.
  • The capacity of each testing room will be reduced and test-takers will be seated at least six feet apart.
  • Test-takers will be required to bring their own pencils, erasers, and other materials that may be required for certain tests (i.e. headphones).


All tests are administered in the Southern Testing Center at:
Southern Connecticut State University
Buley Library, Room 303
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515