Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


SCSU’s Master of Library and Information Science Degree delivers an innovative graduate education to foster the next generation of diverse library and information professionals as visionary leaders in a rapidly evolving, technologically advanced, and community-oriented global environment—Vision statement, 2014, Revised 2019


SCSU’s Master of Library and Information Science provides a student-centered program combining excellent teaching, leadership, and scholarship for students in Connecticut and beyond. We prepare knowledgeable and ethical library and information professionals for ever-expanding opportunities to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and participate in the global information society—Mission Statement, 2014, Revised 2019

Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Professional Education

I.A The Program will provide high-quality education that is appropriate at graduate professional and postgraduate levels. The Program will:

  • Provide a curriculum that prepares professionals responsive to the field;
  • Provide a curriculum that supports clearly defined and diverse career-oriented concentrations; 
  • Provide a curriculum that fosters dedication to the profession’s principles and ethical practices;
  • Provide internships and other connections with the local community and beyond;
  • Enrich the curriculum through partnerships with other departments and university entities;
  • Provide exemplary and effective advising and mentoring;
  • Conduct an ongoing systematic review and evaluation of the program;
  • Engage in ongoing professional development.


I.B The Program will provide opportunities to explore and use current and emerging information technologies. The Program will:

  • Provide students with state-of-the-art information technology facilities, equipment, services and environments;
  • Promote the use of current and emerging library and information technologies in professional education, research, and service activities.

Goal II: Scholarship and Creative Activities

Engage in ongoing scholarship and creative activities in information and library science. The Faculty will:

  • Conduct a wide range of research activities;
  • Present research, scholarship, and creative activities through local, state, regional, national, and international venues;
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration and engage in research with faculty, students, and practitioners.

Goal III: Leadership and Engagement

Engage within the diverse professional organizations and communities. The Program will:

  • Model leadership through participation in professional organizations, service delivery, and community engagement;
  • Offer professional development opportunities within and outside the university;
  • Connect students to professional organizations, service opportunities, and communities;
  • Recruit and retain talented local and global students and faculty;
  • Engage alumni and the library community in life-long learning opportunities.


Goals and Objectives Statements, 2014, Revised 2019