English Graduate Handbook and FAQ

English Graduate Handbook 

The English Graduate Handbook is your guide to the requirements of the Master’s degree program. See the handbook for all information related to your degree not covered in Banner or online.

SCSU English Graduate Handbook (2020-20221) – PDF)


Graduate Student FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For Prospective Students:

How do I transfer graduate credits from a previous institution?

During your initial meeting with the Graduate Coordinator, you can discuss whether and how your credits will transfer. Transfer credits may not constitute more than 25% of a student's planned program (that is, no more than six credits for the 30-credit M.A. and M.S. programs), whether the classes were taken prior to admission to Southern or while matriculated in a program at Southern.

May I take classes as a visiting (non-matriculated) student, prior to officially applying?

Prospective degree candidates may register as part-time non-matriculated students in up to two graduate courses per semester. Up to nine credits of coursework taken as a non-matriculated student may be applied toward the degree. For instructions on taking English graduate classes as a visiting, or non-matriculated, student, see the Registrars Office

For Current Students:

I’m interested in pursuing a graduate independent study in English. What do I need to do?

First, make sure that you and the professor have a substantive independent study planned - one not covered by the current English graduate course offerings. Then, you and the professor should jointly file for a section of ENG 600 by completing the Graduate Independent Study Form at the Dean of Arts and Sciences website. Make sure to download the form in Adobe and sign electronically to speed your application. 

I would like to pursue the Master’s thesis option instead of the exam. What are the steps? 

You’ll need to apply the semester prior to that in which you hope to begin thesis credits (ENG 590). The application requires a mini-description of your anticipated project (not a formal thesis proposal), additional materials, and a list of three potential thesis advisors. See the Master’s Thesis and Exam page for complete instructions on how to apply. 

I have not finished my thesis by the end of my graduate credits and ENG 590. What should I do?

Make sure you are in close contact with your thesis advisor. Students who do not complete their thesis on time will receive an I+ grade for their final semester of ENG 590. (See "Capstone Experiences" in the Graduate Catalog.) The I+ grants you up to 12 months of additional time to complete and submit your thesis, based on the schedule you have determined with your thesis advisor. Once your thesis is successfully approved, the advisor will change the final grade for ENG 590 and your degree will be processed for graduation.

I will already have finished my coursework during the comprehensive exam semester. What should I do?

All students must remain continuously enrolled in the degree program until completion. To stay enrolled while completing the master’s exam, you must file for a Leave of Absence with the university. The Leave of Absence comes with a $150 fee but preserves your access to university resources (if you are experiencing a period of financial distress, you can also apply for a fee waiver). Please note that departmental policy requires you to complete your English thesis in the semester following the expiration of course credits; further extensions must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and Department Chair.  

What steps do I need to take to graduate? 

Beginning in Spring 2021, students no longer need to apply for graduation. Once you have completed 75% of your graduate degree requirements, you will receive an email from the Registrar updating you on how you can check your graduation status in Degree Works. Please note that your graduation status is pending successful completion of the capstone requirement (thesis or exam). For ruther information, see Southern’s One-Stop services page.

I will not be enrolling for classes this semester. What should I do?

You should file for a Leave of Absence, which helps you stay matriculated as an English graduate student and with access to university resources (if you are experiencing a period of financial distress, you can also apply for a fee waiver).

For all other questions not covered by the Graduate Handbook or above, contact the English Graduate Coordinator