English Graduate Students

Welcome to  the English Master’s program. This Inside Southern page is designed to help you better understand your degree program, both for those just getting started and those well on their way to finishing the Master’s degree. As an English graduate student, you may be looking to develop a career in the arts and public humanities, become a published author, further your credentials as a middle- or high-school teacher, or develop a bridge to the PhD. Whatever your goals, you can visit the links here to learn more about:

Planning your Master’s Degree

MFA in Creative Writing

Master of Arts in Teaching

Graduate Handbook and FAQ

Master’s Exam and Thesis 

Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships 

Graduate Admissions

The English graduate program is divided into four degree pathways. For official catalog requirements, see the overview of your individual degree track at our main Southern page, or contact the English Graduate Coordinator with further questions about your planned program of study:

Master of Arts in English (30 credits) – The traditional degree pathway for students seeking advanced training in literature, research, and writing, whether for a career in the humanities professions (e.g., publishing, grant-writing, arts management) or a bridge to the Ph.D.

Master of Science in English (30 credits) – An alternate option for already-certified educators and in-service teachers, the M.S. gives you the same in-depth grounding in literary studies as the M.A. with the opportunity to combine courses in related fields (e.g., Education, Psychology, or Business).

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (48 credits) – One of the premier graduate degrees at Southern, the MFA is a full-residency program that prepares students for careers as writers of poetry and teachers of creative writing. 

Master of Arts in Teaching (51.5 credits) – A joint degree between the College of Education and English Department, the MAT-English is a graduate certification pathway to teach middle or high school English (Grades 7-12), Master’s courses in Secondary Education and English (16 credits).