Academic Success Coaches

Andrew Tudesco
Professional Academic Success Coach

Hello!!! My name is Andy, I am in the Master of Social Work program, in my 2nd year. I am looking to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the field of mental health and substance abuse treatment. I am here at CASAS 4 days a week, and I am involved in a lot of different aspects of the Coaching program as I have been a coach since January of 2020, and I hope to share my experience, strength, and hope with my fellow students to succeed here at Southern. I strongly believe in our ability to help each other be successful as students and as a community. Fun facts about me are that I used to be a Licensed Practical Nurse before coming back to school, and also, I have been playing the guitar for 10 years, and I absolutely LOVE music
Chloe Johnson
Professional Academic Success Coach Coordinator and Professional Academic Success Coach 

My name is Chloe Johnson, I am a graduate student in Public Health in my second and final year at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). I work at the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services (CASAS) as a Coaching Coordinator and Professional Coach. As a coach, I help students develop and refine skills for success in their college classes from time management to study/reading skills. I look forward to meeting and working with you this semester. Please do not hesitate to reach out this semester, if you need help! CASAS is here to help you with all your academic success needs. 
Emma Ohlund
Professional Academic Success Coach

My name is Emma and I am in my second year of the 2-year MSW program. I aspire to use my MSW to work with and advocate for individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder as well as their family members. To stay balanced I love to play outside in all-weather doing a variety of activities from hiking, camping, stand up paddle boarding, and yoga. As an academic success coach, I hope to help individuals to tap into their own resilience through exploration of their strengths, motivators, and creative thought processes to find more success in their academic endeavors. I am certain during my interactions with individuals I will learn things about myself and others in unimaginable ways that will add to my own successes.
Micah Wolf
Professional Academic Success Coach 

Hi, I'm Micah! I love getting outside to West Rock just as much as staying inside with my old dog. I'm halfway through my grad program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As a Coach, you'll find I am open and flexible, kind warm and curious, and intuitive and mindful :-) I grew up in Connecticut, but lived in California for 15 years, going to college and working in movies, in Los Angeles! While I miss the breakfast burritos, I'm happy to be back on the east coast, and I'm excited to meet you! Let's see where we can go together.
Nicole Messore
Professional Academic Success Coach

My name is Nicole Messore and I am a second-year graduate student in the Communication Disorders program. I plan on becoming a speech-language pathologist. Currently, I am a member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) and am a student clinician in my program. A fun fact about me is that I have been a dancer my whole life. 

As an Academic Success Coach, I can bring patience, commitment, and positivity to this position. I hope to help students learn what study techniques they benefit from most and assist them in achieving their academic goals. The experience as an Academic Success Coach will allow me to work in a one-on-one setting similarly to how I will be doing in my future career. I hope to gain experience individualizing a plan for students and helping them follow through with it. 
Samantha Cohen
Professional Academic Success Coach

My name is Samantha Cohen, and I am a graduate student in my second and final year at Southern. I will be receiving my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in May of 2022. I am a member of SCSU's Rapid Response Team (RRT) and I am currently a school social work intern at a middle school in New Haven. I am planning on becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and working in a variety of different setting within the field as I continue to gain further experience. There is so much to learn, and I am very excited to continue that process! 

I also graduated from Southern with my bachelor's degree in May of 2017 as an IDS major concentrating in psychology and public health. As you can see, I have been a student here for several years which must tell you that I enjoy being at Southern! My hope is that I can be a support to other students who are looking to be more successful in their classes and, in turn, really enjoy their college experience as well. The transition from high school to college can be very difficult, and even once you are here and acclimated to such changes, individual life events can get in the way of your academic goals. If you feel that your academics are suffering, or even if you see a possibility of that in the future, I hope that you will reach out to the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services (CASAS) for support. I know that myself, as well as all our other coaches and supports, would love to work with you and be a part of making your experience at Southern the absolute best! Fun fact: I love dogs, I love to hike, and I love to hike with my dog! I'm not sure if that counts as a fun fact, but it's something that I love and enjoy! I truly hope to meet and get to know some of you, too! 
Bianca Chernowsky
Peer Academic Success Coach & Coordinator

My name is Bianca Chernowsky and I am the Peer Academic Success Coach Coordinator this semester. I am a first-generation college student and entering my 3rd year at Southern. I am majoring in Earth Science with a concentration in Natural Resources. However, I am also working towards a minor in Geographic Information Science and Technology. I hope to pursue a career that has some relation to hydrology. Outside of being a Peer Academic Success Coach, I spend a good amount of time indulging in a range of self-study topics and listening to music for hours-on-end. This semester I hope to aid in building an environment in which students feel safe, content and comfortable while furthering their academic skills. Let’s have a great semester!! 
Chard Felix
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello, new and returning Owls! My name is Chard Felix, and I am senior studying psychology with a minor in public health. I am part of the Caribbean Student Association Club (CSA), Psi Chi Honors Society, Psychology Club. My career goal is to start off as a school counselor then transition into an administrative role as either a department head of School counseling or director. As an inspiring educator, my goal is to assist our Southern students to maximize their full academic experiences and prepare them for life after college! From a coaching point of view, I hope to gain skills from our sessions that I can implement into my career. A cool little fun fact about me is that I come from the tropical Caribbean Island of Dominica. 
Erin Foley
Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Erin and I’m a junior here at Southern. I am currently studying Information and Management Services with an interdisciplinary honors minor. On-campus, I am involved in the Library Science department as an undergraduate student representative. My dream job is to become a Digitization Archivist at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library or the National Archives in Boston. I also hope to publish my own book series after graduating from Southern. One fun fact about me is that I met Ronald F. Maxwell, the director of Gettysburg, in Richmond, Virginia. This semester is going to be challenging for everyone, but I hope that as an Academic Success Coach, I can help alleviate some of your academic-related stress. I want to gain an understanding of what services and accessibilities students need in order to be successful in college. 
Faith Kim
Peer Academic Success Coach & Specialist

Hi y'all, my name is Faith (I use they/them pronouns, meaning instead of referring to me as 's/he', please use 'they'!), I am a geography major with a concentration in geographic information systems and technology, and I am (finally) a senior! I work at CASAS and am also a student assistant at the Dept. of Social Work. I haven't had a lot of chances to join any teams or clubs because I transferred to Southern last year which made that tough. I am getting ready to apply to grad schools, so that is what my immediate future goals are. What comes afterwards is a mystery to me! One fun fact about me is that I am a huge nerd and I spend a lot of my personal time playing Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. I hope to provide as much support to whomever I can in a way that feels safe and supportive. Excited for a hopefully exciting semester and am looking forward to meeting y'all around campus (now that we're back)! 
Jacqueline Tapia
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline, but I go by Jackie and I'm in my third year as a Computer Science major, minoring in Data Science and Mathematics. I'm a first-generation college student and both of my parents immigrated to the US from Mexico. A fun fact about myself is that I am also a co-secretary for the Computer Science Club. After graduating from Southern I plan to work full-time as a Software Engineer to hopefully build tech that will help people and make a difference in their everyday lives. I hope to bring my personal experiences as a student and especially as a first-generation Latina to my coaching role this semester. I hope to gain new knowledge on how to better myself both in my academics and my emotional well-being as a student. 
Jenisiz Miller
Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Jenisiz Miller. I am currently a junior here at Southern in the social work program as of this semester working towards my BSW. Aside from academics, I am a program assistant at the Farnham Programming Space as well as an Academic Success Coach at CASAS. I also am a part of the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS). As an Academic Success Coach this semester, I hope to meet with students and provide them with the resources they need and to strengthen their use of holistic skills and other helpful techniques. I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a peer or professional coach as it will be very beneficial in your success this semester. I hope to meet you all soon! 
Kenner Marroquin
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello, my name is Kenner, I am a sophomore and a Computer Science major. I am also a Peer Mentor for the Student Center, a Board Member for KHAIR, and a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office. I wish to one day work at a big technological company such as Apple or Google. One fun fact about myself; I can hold my breath for 3 minutes. I hope to grow not only as a person but also to help others find their way back into more productive behavior. I am willing to work hard and gain as much knowledge as possible while in this position. 
Liney White
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hi! My name is Caroline (Liney) White, and I am a junior majoring in Communication with a concentration in advertising and promotions. I am in the honors college and also part of the women's lacrosse team here at SCSU. In the future, I would love to be a PR specialist, social media manager, or event planner. A fun fact about me is that I am the oldest and three siblings and eight cousins. I can't wait to meet and help new people as a coach, and I hope they appreciate my outgoing and peppy personality???? 
Loanis Cabrera
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hi! My name is Loanis Cabrera and I’m a senior here at Southern. I’m a Communication major with a minor in Psychology and I hope to become a school counselor. I’ve always enjoyed working with students and it’s nice to be able to pass down the information I’ve learned over the years. I hope to gain a lot of experience from this position. A fun fact about me is that I’ve won a singing competition here like 2 years ago. 
Marissa Mazzetta
Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Marissa. I'm a senior and my major is Elementary Education. I am very excited to become an Elementary School Teacher after I graduate this Spring. One fun fact about me is that I am also involved in Res Life as a Desk Attendant. I'm very excited for my first semester as a coach and I look forward to being able to help students become organized and motivated to be the best student they can be! 
Robert Spears
Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Robert Spears and I am a Junior at SCSU with a major in Sociology and focus in Criminology/ Criminal Justice. I am a Peer Coach CASAS, previously a Peer Mentor! I plan to join the military and sometime build up a business of my own as well utilize my degree in some sort of federal work. One fun fact about myself is that I absolutely love to work out. I hope to bring a sense of relation to students as a coach as well a clear sense of any kind of help I am able to provide. I hope to gain more friends and more experience being a student leader and more for future endeavors. 
Samira Zuniga
Peer Academic Success Coach

Hi! My name is Samira Zuniga, and I am a senior Bilingual Elementary Education major with an Honors minor. I am an RA, Peer Mentor, and sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha. I am also a dog mom and absolutely love my puppy, Oso! My goal is to become a fifth-grade teacher and one day earn my doctorate degree to teach at a university. As a coach, I hope to bring enthusiasm, energy, and a unique perspective considering I was once a student in need of coaching. I look forward to helping anyone and everyone who is in need of an Academic Success Coach! 
Hope Winters
CCSU Graduate Intern

Hello! I'm Hope and I'm a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University in the Counselor Education program, specializing in Student Development in Higher Education. My career aspirations include helping students navigate their own unique paths throughout college and beyond, and promoting social justice in higher ed. As an Academic Success Coach, I hope to bring encouragement and support to students, as well as gain more insight into the SCSU community. Outside of my passion for higher education, I love photography and good food! 
Lindsay LaClair
Graduate Assistant for ConnCAP

Hello! My name is Lindsay LaClair and I will be a graduate assistant for the ConnCAP program. In this role, I will primarily be helping to organize academic support needs and facilitating workshops for students. I recently graduated from Springfield College, and I am currently a first-year graduate student in the speech-language pathology program at SCSU. One fun fact is that during college I traveled to Haiti and Colombia to participate in Youth empowerment service trips.