About the Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center at Southern provides services that support students on their journeys to gain scholastic independence and achieve academic success. The Academic Success Center serves the entire student body by helping students prepare, advance, and excel.

The Academic Success Center’s aim is to assist students to become more independent and self-motivated learners, to master course material, and to develop and apply effective study strategies. It provides an environment that is personal, caring, accessible, and friendly so that students can make it their home for academic support.

Department Goals

  • To offer a welcoming environment of academic support that meets the needs of the student body
  • To assist students in becoming more independent and self-motivated learners
  • To help students comprehend course material
  • To support students in the development of effective study strategies
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities through student employment and volunteerism

Student Expectations

  • It is expected that if you sign up to receive academic support within the Academic Success Center, that you Attend. 
  • If you won't be able to make a session, it is expected you provide advanced notice and cancel your appointment. If you fail to do so, you will be allowed 2 misses before you will not be allowed to utilize the services the Academic Success Center provides for the semester. 
  • When you arrive to the Academic Success Center you will be asked to swipe into our system and sign into the specific category that reflects what you have come to the Academic Success Center for. Please bring your student ID.
  • We ask that there is no food or drink the in the Academic Success Center. Drinks in a sealable container are permitted.
  • In participating and utilizing the services within the Academic Success Center, it is expected that you, the student, come prepared for your appointment (textbooks, notebooks, assignments, etc).