Resources for Faculty Writing

Teaching Writing

Faculty who want to improve their ability to teach writing skills to undergraduate and graduate students are highly encouraged to reach out to the Writing Center (Director: Marie McDaniel, mcdanielm4 at southernct dot edu) or the Office of Faculty Development.

Some of the resources available include:

The Teaching Academy

Every May, the Office of Faculty Development coordinates a one-day conference for faculty to improve their teaching skills.

Free Books at the Office of Faculty Development, including:

    John C. Bean’s Engaging Ideas
    They Say, I Say

Workshops on Teaching Writing

Workshops on Teaching Writing are given per request to individuals or groups (such as departments). To schedule a workshop, please contact Marie McDaniel (mcdanielm4 at southernct dot edu). Options for workshops include:

  • Developing a New W Course;
  • Creating Rubrics for Effective Assessment;
  • Using APA Style Central Database;
  • Teaching through short-writing assignments;
  • Implementing Peer-Revision;
  • Creating Plagiarism-proof Assignments
  • Effectively using an embedded tutor; or
  • Anything else!

Creative Activity Writing

Finding time to write is a challenge for many (if not all) academics. If there is a way that the Writing Center can support you in your writing, please reach out! Here are some ongoing programs and resources.

Sit Down and Write!

Contact Rebecca Hedreen (hedreenr1 at southernct dot edu) for more information. Sit Down and Write! is a program to support graduate students and faculty in their writing. Every Monday from 5 to 7 p.m., and Friday from noon to 2 p.m., Buley 242 is set aside for those who just want a set time, space, and the company of others, to do that writing. Whether it’s a thesis, a dissertation, an article, a book, or grant, or anything else writing, this is the time and space for you.

Online Resources

These are two online resources that faculty have found useful. Please let me know if you would like to add other resources here.

Grants and Sabbaticals

See the Office of Faculty Development.