Where can I find W-course waivers? What are the requirements for students wishing to use a W-course waiver?

Please see the W courses and W waiver page.

How can I apply for a job as a writing tutor?

If you are interested in being a writing tutor, sign up for the tutoring course (currently ENG 298). If you have questions about becoming a writing tutor, please contact CASAS

Does the Writing Center offer any online resources specifically for English as a Second Language (ESL) writers?

There are at least two writing tutors in the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services who specialize in tutoring students whose first language is not English. In addition, there is a tutor assigned to ENG 120, and all tutors are encouraged to attend training for helping heritage-speaking writers.

Does the Writing Center provide accommodations for students with learning disabilities or differences?

Yes. If you are a student with a learning difference you can expect to be reasonably accommodated. Please refer to the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services.

Does the Writing Center provide online resources related to citations?

Yes, several. Take a look at the Library Resources and Other Resources page for more information.

Does the Writing Center provide resources related to applying for jobs or graduate school (i.e., resumes, personal statements, etc.)?

No, not directly. You may work on these things with a writing tutor. However, specific workshops and resources related to career advancement should be met through your department and/or the Office of Career and Professional Development.

What is the plagiarism policy at SCSU?

Please see our Other Resources page and read the section on plagiarism.