SCSU Special Collections and Archives

Paul L. Holmer, Ph.D.
Special Collections Librarian
Buley Library
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515
Phone:  (203) 392-5746
Fax        (203) 392-5775

Mission Statement

The Department of Special Collections and Archives contributes to the mission of Hilton C. Buley Library supporting the curricular and research needs of Southern Connecticut State University by providing the resources, facilities and services required by the academic community.

Vision Statement

The Department of Special Collections and Archives maintains collections to supplement and enhance specific sections of the curriculum of the college, to provide primary source material for student research and pedagogical purposes; to develop selected collections of national interest; and to maintain the institutional memory of the university and its community. Special Collections seeks to maximize the accessibility of its collections while preserving their physical integrity. As the institution model for the Department of Information and Library Science, Special Collections is governed by the guidelines of the American College and Research Libraries Rare Books and Manuscripts Section and strives to maintain standards of best practice in its own procedures.

University Archives

The Department of Special Collections oversees those materials produced by or treating the history of Southern Connecticut State University. This includes university publications, faculty and alumni collections, select administrative documents, Faculty Senate Archives, as well as ephemeral materials.

Special Collections

The library maintains strong collections in Connecticut history and especially in New Haven County . There are extensive holdings in children's literature and nineteenth-century education. The library seeks to maintain a book history collection illustrative of the history of writing and printing and especially of the growth of reading in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Major Constituent Collections

  • Caroline Sherwin Bailey Collection of Children's Literature
  • Helen Liveten Juvenile Collection
  • William Cahn Labor Collection
  • Connecticut Collection
  • Eula H. Davies Napoleonica Collection
  • A. H. Gosselin Sound Collection
  • David Libbey Collection of Library Ephemera
  • Edward G. Levy Collection of Nineteenth-Century Textbooks and Ephemera
  • Sherman Reilly Collection of Tracts

Areas of Collecting Interest

  • Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
  • Regional and Connecticut history, especially Westville
  • Librarianship
  • History of the book, including book arts
  • Juvenile literature and pedagogy
  • SCSU institutional history

Due to circumstances having to do with the building project for the new Buley Library most of the Special Collections are in storage. However, some of these materials can be retrieved if requested.