Assistant Records Management Liaison Officers (ARMLO)

To facilitate a successful Records & Information Management program, OPRA recommends that each agency designate an appropriate individual(s) to function as Assistant Records Manager Liaison Officer(s) (ARMLO) whose primary responsibility is to support the efforts of the agency's Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO). (CT Records Management Manual, March 1999).

Primary Responsibilities of SCSU's ARMLOs

  • Serve as the liaison to SCSU's RMLO to ensure the coordination and compliance in any/all matters pertaining to the creation, maintenance, use, and disposal of a unit's official records.
  • Function as the official information resource for that unit.
  • Represent the unit as a member of the Records & Information Management Compliance Committee.
  • Support the agency's RMLO's efforts to implement and manage SCSU's Records & Information Management initiative.
  • Encourage and maintain regular communication between ARMLOs.


The following eight individuals have been designated to serve as their division's/department's ARMLO. For questions regarding records and information for your area, please contact the appropriate person.

LaKecia A. Anderson
Office of Human Resources
WT 122B, Ext. 25567

Nancy Chucta
Office of Student Affairs
Engleman A215C, Ext. 25553

Shermaine Edmonds
Office of Information Technology
Buley Library 402, Ext. 25019

Linda Robinson

Office of Academic Affairs
Engleman A210B, Ext. 26192

Norma Valentin
Office of Finance & Administration
Engleman A212A, Ext. 25227

Maria Vasquez
Office of Enrollment Management
WT 120, Ext. 26371

Mildred Hernandez Verdejo
Office of Diversity & Equity
Buley Library 208, Ext. 25491