CT Records Retention Schedules

State of Connecticut
Office of the Public Records Administrator (OPRA)
Records Retention Schedules


The Connecticut Office of the Public Records Administrator's (OPRA) Records Retention Schedules listed below contain specific records series (types of records), the time period for which each series of records is to be retained, the manner in which each series is to be disposed of, as well as relevant notes to keep in mind when dealing with certain records. Please click on the links below to access the schedules. If you have any questions and/or require additional information, please contact Phil Koslowski at x26205 or the ARMLO for your area.

Listed below the records retention schedules, you will find additional important information that has been issued by OPRA including Policies, General Letters, and other official publications.

Records Retention Schedules

S1:    Administrative Records (revised 5/2014)

S2:    Personnel Records

S3:    Fiscal Records

S4:    Health Records (revised 6/2011)

S5:    Higher Education Records

S6:    Information Systems Records (revised 12/2010)

S9:    Library, Museum, Special Collection, and Archival Records (issued 1/2012)

S10:  Public Safety & Emergency Services Records (issued 3/2010)

Additional OPRA Resources

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