Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO)

The State of Connecticut mandates that each state agency appoint a Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) to coordinate records management activities on the agency level and to serve as the liaison with the Connecticut State Library, the State of Connecticut Office of Public Records Administrator, and the State of Connecticut Archives.

SCSU's RMLO: Cynthia A. Shea-Luzik

RMLO Duties and Responsibilties

  1. Create guidelines for maintaining and using records in the conduct of agency business.
  2. Inventory agency records in cooperation with agency program supervisors and/or staff.
  3. Prepare and approve agency records retention schedules in cooperation with agency program supervisors.
  4. Prepare and/or review RC-108 Records Disposal Authorization forms for the destruction of official agency records.
  5. Dispose of records according to approved retention periods after receiving written authorization from the State of Connecticut Public Records Administrator.
  6. Transfer inactive records to agency record centers, the State Records Center, or to other state-approved off-site storage facilities.
  7. Transfer archival records to the Connecticut State Archives.
  8. Coordinate and/or implement microfilming and/or other records management technologies in accordance with procedures, guidelines, or regulations established by the State of Connecticut Office of the Public Records Administrator.
  9. Maintain a control file of all agency retention schedules, destruction authorizations, and records of transmittal to the State Records Center, State Archives, or other state approved off-site facility.
  10. Disseminate within the agency all informational and General Letters received from the Connecticut Office of the Public Records Administrator and/or the Connecticut State Archives.