Purchase Requisition Form

The Purchase Requisition ("PR") is the document that defines the need for goods and/or services. The PR is an internal document; it does not constitute a contractual relationship with any external party. The PR establishes the reservation of funds for obtaining the goods and/or services; it also initiates the bidding process when necessary. The PR is the prelude to the Purchase Order("PO").

The online PR allows requests for the purchase of goods and/or services to be entered on an electronic form. Once completed, the form must be printed by the requester, and the appropriate Banner Org manager(s) must sign and date as their authority to expense the item(s) listed on the PR. The PR must then be forwarded to the Purchasing Department for futher processing.

Please refer to the SCSU On-line Purchase Requisition Procedures for detailed instructions on using the online purchase requisition form.

Please Note: The online PR generates a unique PR number. Each PR, along with its unique assigned number, is entered into Banner Finance. Banner Finance does not accept duplicate PR numbers; therefore, PR's and their number may not be reused for additional purchase requests. A new PR must be completed for each situation involving a purchase request of goods and/or services.

If you have any questions concerning the Online Purchase Requisition form, please contact the Purchasing Department at ext. 26700.


Online Purchase Requisition Form

*The Online Purchase Requisition Form requires Adobe Reader.