Ordering Business Cards and Letterhead

Ordering Business Cards

Southern’s online ordering system allows you to input your business card content, preview and download a PDF proof, save your card layouts for future orders, and pay with your p-card.

Download the current User Guide here for complete instructions.

Set up an account or use existing account at stores.he-online.com/scsu.

Sample business card

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For orders totaling more than $1,000 you will need to submit a purchase requisition.

About Your Letterhead and Envelopes

There are two kinds of letterhead/envelope packages that you may order:

  1. The Standard Letterhead/Envelope Package, which is the basic letterhead/envelope without office, departmental, or individual identifications. You may order these online from Staples Advantage. Once you login to Staples Advantage, you will see a drop down menu called "Your Shopping Lists." Click and highlight "SCSU Envelopes and Letterhead" to view all of the items available.
  2. The Departmental Letterhead/Envelope Package is the basic letterhead/envelope, PLUS specific information like department name, phone numbers, and departmental information. If you have questions about whether to order the Standard Letterhead/Envelope Package or the Departmental Letterhead/Envelope Package, check first with your vice president, dean, or chair. If you have questions, e-mail or call Marylou Conley at 26599.
    The vendor for departmental letterheads and envelopes, Hodgins Engraving, will follow exactly the layout developed by the Office of Communications & Marketing. There will be no deviation from this design.

How to Order Your Departmental Letterhead/Envelopes

If you are ordering the Standard Letterhead/Envelopes, simply follow the online procedure through Staples Advantage.

If you are ordering Departmental Letterhead/Envelopes, you may email your content to Marylou Conley. Include your office or department/school/college name, your main phone number, and fax number. Include your official mailing address if it differs from the university's mailing address of 501 Crescent Street. You will receive a pdf proof to review for accuracy.

When you are ready to place your print order, begin by reviewing the vendor's cost list below. The costs include shipping to campus.

Email your pdf artwork and delivery location on campus to the vendor, Hodgins Engraving, at orders@hodginsengraving.com. When you receive an order confirmation from the vendor, contact Accounts Receivable at (800) 666-8950, x234. The vendor will print and deliver your order to campus. The process should take no more than 10 working days, from start to finish.

  • All artwork originates in the Office of Integrated Communications & Marketing.
  • All departmental letterhead/envelope packages will be printed by Hodgins Engraving.

For orders totaling more than $1,000 you will need to submit a purchase requisition.

Costs for Letterhead/Envelope

  • Letterhead carton = 5,000 sheets (all letterhead is 100% recycled)
  • Envelope box = 500 envelopes - Quality Park recycled
  • Departmental Letterhead - Minimum order of 1,000 sheets or 2 Reams

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Letterhead and Envelope Stock

Letterhead: Boise Aspen 20# 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
Ink: PMS Reflex Blue

Envelope: Quality Park recycled paper.
Ink: PMS Reflex Blue

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Marylou Conley
Coordinator of Graphic Services
E-mail: ConleyM1@SouthernCT.edu