Internships for Interdisciplinary Studies Scholars

Internships provide Interdisciplinary Studies scholars with learning and work experience. Through internships, IDS scholars gain hands-on experience in a field related to their discipline(s). This faculty-guided experience can help scholars earn credits towards their degree program. Additionally, some scholars may choose to explore the Cooperative Education program. This opportunity allows scholars to earn credit and learning experience more independently through employment that is related to their academic discipline(s).
The Interdisciplinary Studies program has partnered with the Office of Career and Professional Development to provide you with key steps that are necessary for preparing, searching, and having a successful internship experience.

Interdisciplinary Studies Internships Presentation

Recently, IDS and OCPD presented on Interdisciplinary Studies internships, which you can watch here:

Preparing for an Internship 

  • Be prepared with an updated resume and cover letter. Secure letters of recommendation and if appropriate, a portfolio of your work.  The Office of Career and Professional Development can assist you with updating these materials for perspective employers and internships.
  • Make a list of all possible connections to network with (including professors, employers, family members in related fields, etc.). 
  • Explore Southern’s JOBSs website, which provides listings of local and national internships, as well as employment opportunities. Also review the mock interview modules to practice for internship and employment interviews. 

Start Networking

  • Connect with your extended network, both in person or virtually. Make meaningful connections with companies. 
  • Expand your network by attending campus career fairs, a great way to connect with professionals in the community.
  • Explore Southern’s alumni network via social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Southern’s JOBSs portal. 

Searching for Internships

  • Explore Southern’s JOBSs portal to see local and national internship opportunities.
  • Check job recruiting sites, such as Indeed or LinkedIn for internships, part-time, or full-time opportunities.
  • Try filtering search results with the word “internship” or “seasonal” or “part-time” to generate results that may work with your class schedule. 

Once you have secured an internship, work with the Interdisciplinary Studies program or your faculty advisor to complete the College of Arts and Sciences internship application process, to ensure you are eligible to earn credits for your internship experience. It is important to begin this application process as far in advance of the semester when the internship will occur. Connect with your faculty advisor or the Interdisciplinary Studies program for application information and materials. Applications cannot be accepted or processed after the first day of the semester.

Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations with Internship Opportunities

Internships may be available for many concentrations with the Interdisciplinary Studies major. However, some concentrations have internship opportunities designed as part of their requirements or options available to students. Those concentrations include the following:

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