Search Process

The search procedures are designed to ensure a smooth search process and to provide clear documentation of efforts undertaken by all who serve Southern Connecticut State University to support its affirmative action policy and goals. Any additional questions and concerns can be addressed by the Office of Diversity and Equity Programs (ODE), ext. 25491.

You will find the PDF guidelines in the menu for each of the following search procedures:

Administrative Faculty
Classified--Clerical, Protective Services, Maintenance
Management Confidential

Click on the highlighted text to open the file. Each guideline may be downloaded, and copied for distribution to search committee members.

Failed Searches

If none of the applicants or interviewed candidates are deemed appropriate or if all of the acceptable interviewees decline offers, the director or dean shall confer with the unit head (i.e., vice president, provost, or president) to determine whether to reconsider other applicants in the pool, to readvertise for the purpose of expanding the applicant pool, or to close the search.
If after conferring with the unit head, it is decided to close the search, the director or dean shall notify the Office of Diversity & Equity and the Office of Human Resources, in writing, that the search has failed, indicate the reason(s) for the failed search, and identify subsequent action.

Candidate Reimbursement Procedures and Form

Search Forms and More

Search Plan (Electronic Process as of Fall 2020)

The Search Plan must be completed after the PCRF has been approved. This plan will also require approval before a position can be posted for internal or external searches. The process now leverages the DocuSign platform for easier signature acquisition and status monitoring. 

The search chair will prepare a search plan that contains the position announcement, a timeline for the search (a negotiable closing date may be indicated), job advertisement copy, intended recruitment sources, and the name and address of the individual to whom all search correspondence should be sent.

Search Report (Updated Spring 2021)

The Search Committee Chairperson will complete the Search Report which includes the names of all applicants and the respective disposition information for each applicant. The search report must be approved prior to making an employment offer.

Search Report Signature Page (the electronic signature acquisition portion of the Search Report process, required as of Spring 2021)

The Search Committee Chairperson, or appropriate designee, will complete the electronic Search Report signature page (which should include the names and the respective disposition information for each applicant). The completed search report must be signed by all approvers prior to making an employment offer (and supplemented with the proper documentation upon submission - instructions detailed on the form).

Affirmative Action Response Form

The search committee chair is required to send the link to the Affirmative Action Response Form to each individual that submits a resume, or curriculum vitae for all faculty, management confidential, administrative faculty and protective services searches.

Faculty Search Checklist

The faculty checklist highlights the steps in the search process and documentation necessary to complete the final search file for all full-time faculty searches.

Articles about Implicit Bias and Recruitment

Sample Letters

Faculty Recruitment and Outreach Resources