Kuali Build

Access Kuali Build!

Kuali Build is a web-based software module that enables SPAR to design and deploy electronic apps and forms supporting the needs associated with managing the sponsored programs portfolio at SCSU. The software allows us to customize and automate workflow for internal approvals, export data in PDF and Excel formats, and automated notifications to keep faculty informed. Security is controlled by the single sign-on functions using your SCSU login credentials.

Kuali Build has radically improved the way in which SPAR operates and communicates with the wider campus. The apps eliminate paper forms, create a dashboard for monitoring form approval status, and provide quality control on input data, thus reducing errors. Kuali Build saves faculty and SPAR administrative personnel a significant amount of time, eliminating delays and lost forms.

SPAR now uses Kuali Build to support all of these processes:

  • After-the-Fact Payroll Expense Reports: the effort reporting system for personnel services paid from grants
  • Faculty Development and RSAC Internal Applications and Reports: fourteen different apps related to internal applications
  • Pre-Award Notifications and Post-Award Requests: four apps with more planned
  • Communication with Finance Units:
  1. Submission and routing of faculty 10.12 Supplemental Pay forms
  2. Cost transfers between operations and grant funds
  3. Banner Index inactivation requests when a project is ready to close

Access the Kuali Build Dashboard . At the center top of the page, you will see the following options:

Kuali Dashboard Options - Home, Action List, Submissions

  • Home - Displays icons for any published apps that are available
  • Action List - Displays links to any specific forms that are awaiting your approval
  • Submissions - Displays drafts of initiated forms and access to forms you have already submitted

If you have questions, please contact SPAR Graduate Assistant Renee Leblanc: leblancr3@southernct.edu