Below is a list of frequently-asked questions that have been put together to answer a question you may have.  If you have a question that is not listed, do not hesitate to send an email to a SPAR member.

This list will be updated frequently, so check back often!

Where can I find more information about SPAR? 

To learn more about SPAR, you can click here or click the About Us link to the left. 

How can I contact SPAR? 

To contact SPAR, you can click here or follow the Contact Link on the left-hand side of your screen to view contact information for several SPAR staff members.

Which version of Kuali do I need to use?

SPAR subscribes to several services within the Kuali Software Suite. Please review the table below and determine which one you need to access. Links are also provided within each specific landing page.

Kuali Functions

How do I retrieve or access a Kuali Build form?   

Many of SCSU's internal applications and post-award processing forms can be found through Kuali Build. It is accessible here and on the left-hand side of your screen; please access Kuali Build for preparing forms, reviewing forms, and tracking their progress through the standard approval processes. You must be logged in using your SCSU Single Sign On ID in order to use Kuali software.

Why do I get an error when I am trying to submit a form such as the Intent to Apply form?                       

If you are receiving an error message saying that a form cannot be submitted, it is because you are not filling in all of the required fields. Required fields are marked by an asterisk, so be sure all of these fields are filled in.

I read that this Web site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768, how do I change my screen resolution?          

For Microsoft Windows users: Right-click the desktop and select properties.  From there, select the Settings tab and select your desired resolution.

How do I apply for a grant? 

For internally-funded grants, please review the appropriate RSAC or Faculty Development request for proposals (RFP) and find your application in Kuali Build to complete it. For externally-funded grants, you can access the "Intent To Apply" link and fill in the required fields and click the "submit" button.  You can also reach out directly to a pre-award member of the SPAR team; if possible, please include a link to the funding opportunity for which you are applying. SPAR will get back to you shortly

Budget Help?

Direct costs are those which can be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project and which can be directly assigned to such activities, relatively easily and with a high degree of accuracy. For example, the supplies needed for a research project are easy to identify; however, costs such as heating and air conditioning rooms and labs used by the project staff are not. The latter are indirect, defined as those that are incurred for common or joint objectives, and which cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project. (The federal government has recently changed the terminology used to refer to indirect costs. They are now called Facilities and Administrative, or F&A, costs.)

Federal regulations provide principles for determining which costs are applicable to agreements with the government.  They also identify which of those costs may be charged as direct and which must be charged as Facilities and Administrative Costs.  Furthermore, the rules state that the distinction between direct and Facilities and Administrative Costs must be maintained consistently throughout the university regardless of the source of funding.

For assistance building a budget, please reach out to a member of the SPAR staff.