The  Registrar's Office sends the annual call for classes in October for departments to submit their schedules.

Here are some helpful tips that will assist the Dean's Review and Registrar's implementation of your schedule:

Section Building Guidelines
EDITING Please do not change, create, or copy a CRN as each section has a specific CRN
Make all edits in RED to so we know what changed
Highlight all new sections YELLOW in and leave CRN blank
Make all deletions of section/section information using STRIKETHROUGH
SEC Enter Section Number in succession 01, 02, 03, etc.
W Courses add a 'W' ex. 01W.
DAY(S)/TIME Enter Standard Time from Drop Down or over-write for labs or non-standard sections.
Note: All Online Sync must have a day and time assigned
BLDG/RM Assign sections to your allotted classrooms and labs.
Use drop down to assign Online Sync and Online Async.
PART OF TERM 1 = Full Term
F8W = First 8 Weeks
S8W = Second 8 Weeks
PERM. DA = Department Advisor
DC = Department Chair
DR = Disability Resources
IS = Instructor 
WAIT LIST LIMIT Set the # of wait list seats for each section or leave blank.
LAB FEE Indicate the BOR approved lab fees for any applicable section.
CREDITS Indicate the SET amount of credits only if this is a variable credit course. 
SPECIAL INFO This information is displayed to students in the schedule search, if not applicable, leave blank.
Common examples: 
  • Dual listed w/ENG 317-01
  • Special Topics Course Title
  • Hybrid Course; on-campus meeting dates
  • Hyflex Option Available