Final Exams

All final exams must follow the scheduling grid below for on-ground, hybrid, and online synchronous courses. Here are a few additional important notes:

  • Hybrid course exams must be delivered online unless on-ground location is specifically requested.
  • If the exam needs to be submitted during a particular time frame, then asynchronous course exams should be offered for a predetermined window (at least 24 hours long) during finals week.
  • Students will receive date, time, and location information regarding final exams from their instructors.
  • Students who are unable to attend an exam due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., illness) or any student who has three exams on one day should notify the instructor prior to the exam.

If a department needs clarification regarding exam schedules, please contact

FALL 2023
Final Exam


MWF 8:10am
MW 8:10am

M 8:00am

M 8:10am

TR 8:10am
T 8:10am

W 8:10am
W 9:10am
MWF 9:10am
MW 9:10am
MW 9:35am

R 8:10am

R 9:10am
R 9:35am
TR 9:00am
TR 9:35am
TR 10:00am

MWF 7:10am

*Make Up Exams


MWF 10:10am   

MW 10:10am
M 9:10am
M 10:10am

TR 11:00am   
T  9:35am
T 11:00am
T 11:10am

MWF 11:10am    
MW 10:40am
MW 11:45am
W 10:10am

W 11:10am

R 11:00am

Scheduled Exams

F  9:30am
MF 9:10am
MF 10:10am



M 11:10am
M 12:10pm
M 12:25pm
MWF 12:10pm
MW 12:10pm

MW 12:25pm

TR 1:50pm

T  12:25pm
T  1:50pm

W 2:00pm
MW 2:00pm
MW 2:30pm

TR 12:00pm
TR 12:25pm
R   12:25pm

F  11:10pm

F  12:10pm
W 12:10pm

*Make Up Exams

All ENG 307 sections


MW 1:10pm  
M 1:10pm
M 2:00pm
M 3:25pm


TR 3:15pm
TR 3:25pm
T 3:15pm
T 3:25pm

W     3:25pm    
MW 3:25pm   

MW 3:50pm 

R 1:50pm
R 3:15pm
R 3:25pm

R 4:00pm

F  2:00pm

W 4:50PM

*Make Up Exams


MW 4:50pm
M    4:50pm
M    5:00pm
M    5:30pm

T 4:30pm
T 4:50pm   
T 5:00pm

T 5:30pm
TR 4:50pm
TR 5:00pm

MW 5:00pm
MW 5:30pm
MW 6:15pm

W 5:00pm

W 5:30pm
W 6:15pm

R 5:00pm
R 5:30pm
TR 5:30pm
TR 6:15pm



M 6:15pm
M 7:40pm

T 6:15pm
T 7:40pm

MW 7:40pm
W     7:40pm

R 6:15pm
R 7:40pm
R 8:05pm

TR 7:40pm


SATURDAY 12/16 and SUNDAY 12/17 

*All Saturday and Sunday sections will meet during their regularly schedule times.

All Hybrid Course Exams will be held ONLINE.