Classroom Allocation Policy

The number of allotted classrooms to departments/programs is based on the number of sections scheduled in general use classrooms for the previous like-semester, barring substantial changes to departmental submissions.  The following guidelines are used to make these assignments:

  1. In most cases the number of allotted rooms for a department has been calculated by dividing last like- semester’s general use classroom needs by twenty-one (21). Departments are expected to schedule classes evenly throughout the week.

  2. Programs that offer a large portion of their sections in the evening or offer solely evening classes will be allotted rooms by dividing the number of sections requiring general use classroom space by 9.

  3. Classroom space will be assigned by the following criteria:

    • Anticipated Enrollment based on current limit and historic enrollment

    • Programmatic requirements

    • Requests for technology

    • Instructor preference and back-to-back offerings

    • Proximity to department

  4. Large Lecture Sections: Departments can assume that they can offer large lecture sections at the same time and location as the past like-semester. Changes to lecture section times should be done in consultation with the Registrar's Office to assure that space can be provided.

  5. Computer Labs: These are assigned to classes that require students to access computers for instruction. Specific requests for labs should be made when submitting schedules. Some departments by virtue of specific academic programs will be allowed to pre-assign sections to computer labs. Available slots will be scheduled based on requests and availability.

  6. Departmental Labs and Seminar Rooms: Departments retain the right to schedule their lab and seminar space. No outside department will be scheduled in such designated spaces without consultation.

  7. Section(s) that cannot be initially scheduled by the department into an allotted classroom and are approved by the dean will be assigned classroom space by the Registrar's Office. If no space is available, the Registrar's Office will work with the department chair to modify the time to meet room needs.

  8. The Registrar's Office will retain the right to move currently scheduled sections to maximize facility usage, meet enrollment needs, comply with ADA issues, or grant technology requests.