How to Change Your Major to the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides Southern scholars with the unique experience of designing their own major and academic course of study at Southern. Interdisciplinary faculty and staff help scholars combine two or three concentrations, or even design a customized concentration, tailored to their academic and career goals. We invite students to learn about the program and their personalized options, prior to declaring the major. This helps ensure students understand the rich benefits and robust options available to them within the Interdisciplinary Studies program. 

Here is the guided process if you wish to change your major to Interdisciplinary Studies and create your own degree plan at Southern:

  1. Attend an Introduction Meeting
    We offer scholars interested in the Interdisciplinary Studies major an opportunity to learn more about the program, requirements and a personalized exploration of options available to them within the program. You can contact to set up an introduction meeting appointment. You can also schedule an appointment through Navigate (Click on Make an Appointment; Select Academic Advising & Faculty Office Hours; Select Interdisciplinary Studies Academic Advising Center and find the time that works for your in-person or virtual appointment).

  2. Meet with an Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coordinator
    After attending an Introduction Meeting, you will be invited to schedule an appointment with an Interdisciplinary Studies coordinator who can work with you to develop a unique IDS program that will help you met your academic, personal and career goals. The coordinator will also guide you through the steps to applying for the major and changing your major (Steps 3 and 4).

  3. Complete an Interdisciplinary Studies Application
    Complete the application to join the Interdisciplinary Studies major. When you meet with an Interdisciplinary Studies coordinator, they will provide you with online program application and selection of degree information.

  4. Complete a Selection of Degree form
    Complete the Selection of Degree form: Online Selection of Degree Form (Note: Your Selection of Degree cannot be approved until you have attended the introduction meeting and met with an IDS coordinator.)

Be advised that scholars should, generally, declare their intent to pursue a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program as Freshmen or Sophomores. Scholars who enter the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program with more than 60 credits (75 credits for transfer students) are advised that more than 120 credits may be required to complete the degree.

Contact Information
Interdisciplinary Studies Office
Engleman Hall B 116
Phone: (203) 392-8113