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Explore Interdisciplinary Studies

Nearly 90 academic disciplines are available for students to explore within Interdisciplinary Studies. Students will find diverse offerings in the areas of business and enterprise management, child, family and communities, creativity, culture and humanities,  global perspectives, health, wellness and human services, social sciences, and STEM. The flexibility that the Interdisciplinary Studies program offers students allows them to combine personal passions with new skills or academic curiosities. Additionally, creating their own major allows students prepare for an advance degree program or gain competitive skills and knowledge advance their careers in the modern workforce. 

A customized degree program also provides a flexible pathway ideal for students looking to change their majors. It is also perfect for students looking for an academic outlet to diversify their skills and graduate with flexible course options.

Innovative and Emerging Options

Interdisciplinary Studies majors can select from nearly 90 concentrations available to create their ideal academic program, suited to their specific academic and career needs. Here is a sampling of some of our innovative concentrations, not offered as traditional majors at the university, available for student creating their own major to pursue:

Learn more about all of our nearly 90 concentrations available here.

Design Your Own Concentration

In addition to the nearly 90 concentrations available to Interdisciplinary Studies majors, students may also design their own 18-credit concentration as part of their unique degree program. With the help of their faculty or program advisor, students can design a personalized concentration that combines thematic courses from varied disciplines. This creative academic process helps students creating their own major achieve academic, career or personal goals. 

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