Course Planning & Registration for IDS Scholars

The following are resources to help Interdisciplinary Studies scholars prepare for course planning, advising and registration. Each semester, continuing IDS scholars will submit their upcoming semester course registration plan to their advisor and the plan is reviewed by their advisor during a one-on-one advising meeting. During the advisement meeting, Interdisciplinary Studies scholars discuss their upcoming semester registration along with current semester progress and long term academic goals and interests. Scholars will also receive their Priority Registration PIN during this meeting, allowing them to register during their class priority registration period. 

Prior to your advisement meeting your assigned advisor will email you a Course Planning Worksheet. This online form allows scholars to indicate the plans for registering for the upcoming semester and intersession, if applicable. Once scholars complete their worksheet, their advisor will invite them to schedule an appointment to review their plans and receive their priority registration PIN, required to register for classes.

The following are resources to help you prepare for registration and completing your Course Planning Worksheet. If you need any assistance using these tools, please connect with the IDS Team by emailing or calling the Interdisciplinary Studies Office at 203-392-8113.

Frequent Questions about Course Planning & Registration

  • Why do I need to complete the Course Planning Worksheet? Isn't my advisor supposed to tell me which classes to take?
    IDS scholars are responsible for their academic success, progress and decisions, including planning for their course schedule and registration, as outlined in our Scholar Advising Responsibilities. Your academic advisor assists you as you navigate your academic journey through sharing knowledge, experience and insight related to your plans and decisions, while answering your questions, as outlined in our Academic Advisor Responsibilities.
  • I'm not sure what requirements I need to fulfill, how can I get help?
    Our IDS Team is happy to assist you in reading and understanding your Degree Evaluation, which outlines your program requirements and options. Email or call our office at 203-392-8113 for assistance. 
  • What is Schedule Planner and how can it help me plan and register for classes?
    Schedule Planner is a tool available to Southern scholars to review course offerings and build custom schedules based on course availability and your personal schedule. You can learn more about Schedule Planner here.
  • Banner Student says I need an Alternate PIN to register, how do I get a PIN?
    You can get your Alternate PIN (your Priority Registration PIN) from your assigned advisor. Please complete the Course Planning Worksheet that they emailed to you. Email or call our office at 203-392-8113 for additional assistance. 
  • I did not receive a Course Planning Worksheet, what should I do?
    You can email your assigned advisor and they can provide you with a Course Planning Worksheet or email or call our office at 203-392-8113 for additional assistance. 
  • My priority registration date has passed, can I still register for classes?
    Yes, you can still register for classes after your priority registration date. If you require an Alternate PIN, please connect with your assigned advisor, or email or call our office at 203-392-8113 for additional assistance.