Honors 495/493

Students with an approved prospectus (HON 494/92) are enrolled in HON 495/493

Steps for HON 495/493 (Thesis II)

  • Student completes draft of honors thesis with approval of Thesis Advisor
  • Student sends draft to UR and SR
  • Student meets (if necessary) with UR and SR regarding revisions
  • Student sends final draft of thesis to DC
  • Student meets (if necessary) with DC regarding revisions
  • Student schedules thesis defense (with approval of Thesis Advisor)
  • Student defends thesis and obtains signatures of committee prior to date of Honors Convocation
  • Student fills out Honors Convocation Application and sends it to UHTC Chairperson
  • Student sends thesis signature page & thesis to UHTC Chairperson via email, pettoc1@southernct.edu