Honors 494/492

Steps for applying to and Completing Honors 494/492 (Honors Prospectus)

  • Student meets with thesis advisor during the semester prior to enrollment in HON 494/492 to discuss completing the application for the prospectus.
  • Student fills out the online Honors 494/492 application form and obtains necessary signatures.
  • Student submits application to the Honors College Office, EN B225. The latest possible date for submitting the HON 494/492 application is the end of the add/drop period.
  • Student is registered for HON 494 [Dept]/HON 492 [Dept], Departmental Honors Prospectus after approval from the UHTC Chairperson.
  • Student attends Information Session held by the UHTC Chairperson.
  • Student selects the members of their Thesis Committee (University Reader & Second Reader), in consultation with their Thesis Advisor. Click here for list of Honors College Faculty
  • Student sends copy of prospectus (with the approval of Thesis Advisor) to the University Reader by mid-October (for the fall semester) or mid-March (for the spring semester). The University Reader has 10 days to notify the student and make a decision to approve the prospectus or ask for revisions. The student is responsible for completing any requested revisions and submitting a revised thesis prospectus to the Thesis Advisor, University Reader, and Department Chair for approval in a timely manner. The Thesis Advisor will take the lead in notifying the student and copying the UHTC Chairperson regarding the Committee decision.

The approved prospectus (and signature page) is due (in November for the fall semester or April for the spring semester) to the UHTC Chairperson. The student must obtain approval prior to becoming registered for Thesis II (HON 495/493).