Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on my committee?
Your committee consists of three members: A Thesis Advisor, a University Reader and a Second Reader. Your thesis prospectus and thesis document will also have to be signed off on by your department Chairperson. If you wish you may have additional readers (see #2, below). If you are an Honors College student, one of your committee members must be an Honors College Faculty member. See this link for a list of HC faculty.

Can an adjunct professor be my Thesis Advisor? Can a faculty member be my Advisor or on my Committee if they are on sabbatical?
Adjunct faculty cannot be Thesis Advisors, but may serve on theCommittee as long as they will be employed for thelength of the project. An adjunct or outside member can be an additional reader in addition to committee.Your Thesis Advisorcannot be on Sabbatic leave while they are advising your Thesis.

What is the difference between the University Reader and the Second Reader?
The University reader is responsible, along with your Thesis advisor for approving your Prospectus (proposed project). All members of your committee (this includes both the University and Second Reader) will attend your thesis defense and approve your final document or product.

What if I am a double major? What department do I receive honors from?
You receive Honors from the department in which you complete your thesis. For example, if you are a double Psychology/Education major and your Thesis Advisor is in Psychology, you will receive Honors in Psychology.

Who registers me for HON 495 (Thesis)?
The University Honors Thesis Chair (UHTC) registers you for HON 495 after you complete the requirements for HON 494.

What if I want to study abroad, student teach or am away on an Internship during the thesis process?
You may take multiple semesters to complete your thesis (e.g. register for HON 494 in Fall, study abroad in Spring, complete the thesis (HON 495) in the following Fall). Please meet with the UHTC to discuss your plans.

When can I begin recruiting participants (human or animal) for my research project?
You must have approval from the appropriate committee prior to recruitment of human (IRB) or animal (IACUC) participants.

I want to walk in Honors Convocation. What are the deadlines?
You must have completed your thesis prior to Honors Convocation if you would like to participate in the event.

What should the format of my thesis be?
This is up to your Thesis Advisor and Department.

What does the Thesis Prospectus process consist of?
The prospectus (or proposal) process consists of:

  1. Approximately the first 4 weeks of the semester choose committee and submit Honors Committee Form to UHTC.
  2. Prepare (with your Advisor) a draft of your Prospectus and submit it to the University Reader for comment.Once you have feedback, make requested changes and get approval from Advisor and University Reader.
  3. Have the Thesis Advisor, University Reader, and Department Chair sign Prospectus signature sheet by last day of semester. UHTC will register you for HON 495.

What does the Thesis process consist of?

  1. Complete project and schedule defense
  2. Mid semester, provide completed document/product to Committee
  3. Incorporate Committee comments
  4. Prior to the end of the semester and Honors Convocation, present project in a defense to Committee, get signatures on Thesis Committee Signature sheet at defense, then get Chairperson signature, if Chair not present at defense.
  5. Provide UHTC with a digital copy of the signed signature sheet, an Abstract and the Thesis document
  6. Receive Honors at Honors Convocation.