Course Registration

Visit the One Stop Registration Page for detailed information regarding course registration, including:

  • Course registration dates and times
  • How to register for courses
  • Link to the upcoming semester course schedule

When can I register?

Matriculated Students (pursuing a degree): Each semester, you have a specific date and time during which you can begin to register for next semester’s classes, which is determined by the number of credits you’ve earned. The Registrar’s Office will email this date to your Southern email account. Be sure to take advantage of this so you don’t miss out on important classes. You can also view your priority registration date and time here.

Non-Matriculated Students (taking classes but not pursuing a degree): Each semester, there is a specific date in which all non-matriculated students can register. You can view this registration date and time here.

What must I do to register?

Matriculated students must receive academic advising in order to get their PIN and register for courses. Academic advising procedures differ depending on your major and class, ranging from group advising sessions to individual meetings with your assigned advisor. You will receive an email from your major department or assigned advisor explaining their advising procedure.

  • If you are a Freshman in your first semester (regardless of major), will meet individually with your INQ instructor for course registration advising and to receive your registration PIN number. 
  • If you are a second-semester freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, you should follow the academic advising procedure detailed by major department or assigned advisor for course registration advising and to receive your registration PIN number.

For more information, see “Who is My Assigned Advisor?”.

What if I need help with registering?

Click here to view instructions on how to register for courses.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact us or visit the appropriate Academic Advising Center (AAC).