About Academic Advising

All Academic Advising services are covered by your student fees and do not involve any extra costs. 

The Department of Academic Advising is a team of knowledgeable professional advisors who are fully committed to supporting student success. Through a balance of challenge and support, we work to empower students to take ownership of their educational experience and make informed decisions so that they may ultimately achieve their goal of earning a college degree.

How Advising Works at Southern

Advising is a collaborative partnership between the you and your advisor! Your advisor is not here to simply tell you what to do. Rather, their purpose is to help you navigate your academic journey and assist with important decisions. It's important to remember that this is your education and you are in the driver's seat!

In order to provide you with meaningful and individualized advising support, Southern's advising model is structured in a way that pairs you with an advisor based on where you're at in your academic journey. See "Who is My Assigned Advisor" to learn more.

Academic Advising Centers (AAC)

We have eight Academic Advising Centers on campus, each based on an area of interest and aligned with specific majors. Each AAC is staffed by an AAC Advisor and a Faculty Coordinator. The AACs provide support for students, including but not limited to:

  • Students unsure of their intended major, struggling within a major and/or seeking a new major. 

  • Students who are experiencing challenges that are impacting their academic success. 

  • Student who need help navigating University curriculum, policy, and/or procedure.  

See "Academic Advising Centers" for more information.