Oluwatoyin Comfort Awoyinka

Oluwatoyin Comfort Awoyinka

Oluwatoyin is a Faculty Fellow at the Department of Management and International Business.

Prior to joining Academia, she worked in various capacities in Business organizations spanning over a decade across Nigeria and the US such as Health Care International, UPS, and New Hampshire Job Corps. Her roles included Project Management, Business Development, Strategy Formulation, and Development. She has also previously served as an adjunct instructor.

She teaches International Business and Management Communication and related courses to undergraduate students within the School of Business.

Currently finishing her doctorate, her research area of interest lies in International Business Management, Business Strategy, and Sustainability Studies. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) for Doctoral Candidates. She is a member of the Academy of International Business, and Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.

Oluwatoyin is passionate about and a strong advocate for girl child and woman empowerment, thus, she belongs to a number of community organizations such as Rhealyz Africa and Brave Hearts NE Community Interest Company United Kingdom fostering same