Academic Deans and Department Chairpersons

Academic Year 2023-2024

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Revised 10/20/2023

Department/College/School Name Ext. Term
Arts and Sciences, College of Dr. Bruce Kalk, Dean 25609  
Anthropology Dr. Kathleen Skoczen 25679 F23-S26
Art & Design Mr. Alex Girard 26649 F23-S26
Biology Dr. Sean Grace  26216 F23-S26
Chemistry & Biochemistry Dr. Adiel Coca 26982 F21-S24
Communication, Media & Screen Studies Dr. David  Petroski 25383 F22-S26
Computer Science Dr. Lisa Lancor 25890 F22-S25
Earth Science Dr. Dushmantha Jayawickreme 27286 SU22-S24
English Dr. Cynthia Stretch 25525 F23-S26
Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences Dr. Vince Breslin 26602 F22-S25
History Dr. Christine Petto 25612 F21-S24
Journalism Ms. Cynthia Simoneau 25791 F22-S25
Mathematics Dr. Aaron Clark 25493 F22-S25
Music Dr. Joshua Groffman 26631 F23-S26
Philosophy Dr. David Pettigrew 26778 SU23-S26
Physics Dr. Elliot Horch  26393 F21-S24
Political Science Dr. Kevin Buterbaugh 25662 F21-S24
Psychology Dr. Michael Nizhnikov 28886 F23-S26
Sociology Dr. Jessica Kenty-Drane 25689 F22-S25
Theatre Dr. Michael Skinner 26104 F23-S26
Women’s & Gender Studies Dr. Tricia Lin 26864 F22-S25
World Languages & Literatures Dr. Rafael Hernandez 26202 F21-S24
Business, School of Dr. Jess Boronico, Dean 25630  
Accounting Dr. Russell Engel 27251 F21-S24
Business Information Systems (BIS) Dr. Richard Bassett 26197 F22-S25
Economics Dr. Sang Won Yoon 25625 F21-S24
Finance & Real Estate Dr. Sandip Dutta   27028 F22-S25
Management & International Business Dr. Robert Smith 27783 SU23-F26
Marketing Dr. Lynn Kwak 26209 F22-S25
Education, College of Dr. Stephen Hegedus, Dean 25901  
Counseling/School Psychology Dr. Margaret Generali 25175 F21-S24
Curriculum & Learning Dr. Adam Goldberg * 26492 F23-S26
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Dr. Jess Gregory 25170 F23-S26
Information & Library Science  Dr. Hak Joon Kim 25703 F22-S25
Special Education Dr. Judy Terpstra 25944 SU23-S26
Graduate & Professional Studies, School of Dr. Julia Irwin, Interim Dean 28802  
Health and Human Services, College of Dr. Sandra Bulmer, Dean 27015  
Communication Disorders Dr. Jennifer McCullagh  25961 F22-S25
Health & Movement Sciences Dr. Gary Morin 26089 F21-S24
Healthcare Systems & Innovation Dr. Larry Brancazio 25111 F22-S25
Marriage & Family Therapy  Mr. Paul Levatino 27274 F22-S25
Nursing, School of Dr. Maria Krol 27129 S22-S25
Public Health Dr. Stanley Bernard 26501 F22-S25
Recreation, Tourism & Sport Management Dr. James MacGregor 26385 F21-S24
Social Work Dr. Loida Reyes 26562 F21-S24
Library Services Dr. Amy Beth, Director 25131  
Spokesperson Ms. Kari Swanson 25774  

* Sabbatical during Spring 2024 - Dr. Helen Marx, Interim - 26654