Thrive in 5 Workbook

Thrive in 5 Weekly Student Workbook

The THRIVE framework was created to help promote student and SCSU community wellbeing. This framework, also an acronym, can be broken down into 6 categories; Togetherness, Health, Resilience, Insight, Vitality, and Equity.

This workbook was designed to provide resources and education on the importance of wellbeing. Through brief, 5-10 minute interactive exercises and reflections, the goal is to learn more about how to manage wellbeing and thrive.

  1. Togetherness: Meeting New People
  2. Health: What Is Self-Care?
  3. Resilience: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  4. Insight: How Can You Be Mindful?
  5. Vitality: Benefits of Gratitude
  6. Equity: Equity vs. Equality
  7. Togetherness: Managing Conflict With "I" Statements
  8. Health: Sleep Hygiene
  9. Resilience: Stress Management & Goal Setting
  10. Insight: Practicing Self-Compassion
  11. Vitality: Identifying Core Values
  12. Equity: What Is An Ally?