About Us

In partnership with the offices of Recreation and Fitness, Violence Prevention, Health Services, Counseling Services, Residence Life and Athletics, the Wellbeing Center functions as an integrated wellbeing hub that creates multi-departmental synergy in the delivery of comprehensive wellbeing assessment, intervention, and referral services. The Wellbeing Center strives to customize services to meet the unique and individualized needs of each student, helping them take action to resolve problems, promote their personal development, and improve their academic and personal success.


To create happier, healthier, and more successful students through the promotion of holistic wellbeing.


To provide exceptional wellbeing engagement, learning, and leadership services at Southern Connecticut State University that enhance the holistic wellbeing of students and their communities. 

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Students at Southern THRIVE!

The THRIVE framework is the result of a collaborative, multidisciplinary, cross-departmental effort to identify and synthesize the most salient elements of holistic wellbeing.

Togetherness: Relationships, Belonging, Communication

Health: Wellness, Self Care, Health Maintenance

Resilience: Problem Solving, Stress Management, Growth Mindset

Insight: Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence

Vitality: Gratitude, Meaning, Purpose

Equity: Social Justice, Access, Allyship