Veteran, Military, and Adult Learner Services

Information for incoming students

Welcome to Southern!  Follow the steps below to get started!

If you have completed basic training or completed any college-level coursework after high school and plan to attend SCSU please apply to SCSU as a Transfer Student.  

Apply →

Additional information for Veteran and Military connected or dependent students regarding Veteran Education and GI Bill Benefits. 

Military credits count here at SCSU so be sure to send us transcripts for any colleges you attended as well as your JST or CCAF transcripts.   You should have all official transcripts sent directly to the Transfer Admissions Office at SCSU. 

If you are planning to use GI bill benefits and have not yet applied for them, click the link below to get started.  Assistance is available in the Veterans Center located in Engleman Hall A014.

How to Apply

Click here and scroll down to the green button labeled find your application benefits form.  

If you have already used your GI bill benefits at another institution you will need to complete VA form 22-1995 if you are the veteran or if you are using GI bill benefits that were transferred to you. Dependents and survivors should complete VA form 22-5495 if using DEA or Fry Scholarship. Both forms can be found here

Once you have been accepted to SCSU please complete the Veteran Benefit Application linked below and send it, or bring it and any other applicable documents to the Veterans Center in EN A014

Veteran Benefit Application →

Depending on the benefits you are using we may need any or all of the following documents:

  • DD214 Member 4 (or member 2)
  • COE (Certificate of eligibility for your GI bill)
  • NOBE 

Please send in all documents together with your Veteran Benefit application once you have been accepted. 

Email: or You can also bring all of your documents to the Veterans Center in Engleman Hall A 014

If you have exhausted your GI bill benefits or do not qualify for GI bill benefits you may qualify for one of the following:

  • CT Veterans Tuition Waiver
  • National Guard Tuition Waiver - Active members of the CT Air or Army National Guard should request the tuition waiver from their unit education officer.
  • Army Tuition Assistance - eligible service members can apply for TA
  • Navy Tuition Assistance - eligible service members can apply for TA
  • Marine Corps Tuition Assistance - eligible service members can apply for TA
  • Air Force Tuition Assistance - eligible service members can apply for TA


For questions about your GI bill payment or to find out your remaining benefit entitlement, please call the VA Education Line at 1-888-442-4551 or to check on your Post 911 GI bill benefits online; if you are the service member.

You can use the following link to check on VA payment history for VA Education and Disability payments, Pension, Survivor Pension, DEA/CH 35 or, DIC Pension payments