Tuition Waivers / Assistance

For the purpose of granting a tuition waiver, a veteran is anyone who served on active duty in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Air Force and has been released from active duty under honorable conditions. Eligibility for the GI Bill® is not a determining factor in granting a tuition waiver. You must be full time for a 100% tuition waiver. Part time gets you a 50% tuition waiver.

The tuition waiver does not apply to fees or other costs.


To be eligible for the waiver a veteran must be a Connecticut resident, matriculated and have served during the following periods.

Active duty for at least 90 days during    

  • World War II ( 12/7/41-12/31/46)
  • Korean Hostilities (6/27/50-1/31/55)
  • Vietnam Era (12/22/61-7/1/75; (any child of a Vietnam-era veteran who has been declared a MIA/POW also is eligible provided the parent entered the service after 1/1/60)
  • Persian Gulf Wars (8/1/90 to present) Includes Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom, Somalia and Bosnia

Engaged in combat or in a combat-support role (DD214 must indicate an Expeditionary Medal)   

  • Lebanon (7/1/58-11/1/58 and 9/29/82-3/30/84)
  • Grenada Invasion (10/25/83-12/15/83)
  • Operation Earnest Will (Escort of Kuwaiti oil tankers in Persian Gulf) (7/24/87-8/1/90)
  • Panama Invasion (12/20/89-1/31/90)

Persons who served during any other periods are not eligible for a tuition waiver. National Guard or Reserve  "active duty for training " is not considered active duty . The DD214 must state: ACTIVE DUTY.  To determine eligibility, bring your DD214 to the Veterans' Office at Engleman Hall, Room A 014.

Any Connecticut resident who is a dependent child or a surviving spouse of a member of the Armed Forces killed in action on or after 9/11/2001 who was a Connecticut resident is eligible for the tuition waiver.

Connecticut National Guard Tuition Waiver for Full-Time or Part-Time Students

Connecticut state residents who are members of the Connecticut Army or Air National Guard and enrolled as full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate students are eligible for a tuition waiver. The tuition waiver does not apply to other costs and fees, such as student  activity fees and laboratory fees. It covers tuition only. Part-time or summer enrollment does not qualify students for this waiver.

Eligible full-time undergraduate and graduate students must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from their National Guard Unit and submit it to the Veterans' Office each semester.

Tuition Assistance and Tuition Assistance Top-Up

Tuition Assistance and Tuition Assistance Top-Up is available for active duty, National Guard, and Reservists. For more information, contact Jack Mordente at (203) 392-6822.