Acceptance into the Psychology Major

Declared Psychology majors need to be accepted into the major to take upper-level Psychology courses and to graduate with a Psychology degree.

The acceptance stage is also when you can select the Mental Health specialization or the B.S. in Psychology, with one of the Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, or Applied Psychology & Assessment tracks.

The Acceptance Process

You can apply for acceptance when you have:

  • 39 credits total (including transfer credits)
  • a GPA of 2.70 or higher (transfer students can use previous school GPA)
  • a grade of B- or higher in two Psychology courses above the Intro Psych level (may be transferred courses)


(If your GPA is below 2.70, you might still be eligible for acceptance by dropping one semester. See the application form for more info)

Acceptance is not a competition; every Psychology major who meets the requirements will be accepted. The acceptance process takes place in the first month of each semester (January and September).

To apply:

  1. Click on the "Acceptance form" link at the bottom of this page. The application is an Excel spreadsheet. You just need to enter information from your transcript and it will automatically determine whether you meet the acceptance requirements.

    If you're a transfer student, you can use your GPA and psychology grades from your previous school(s) to meet the criteria. Make sure you have a copy of your previous school transcript(s) (unofficial is fine) to include with your form.

  2. If you want to enter the Mental Health specialization or B.S. program, you need to fill out an additional Agreement Form, and then meet with a professor who specializes in that area to complete the form, before submitting your application. Those professors are:

    • Mental Health: Dr. Kraemer (director), Dr. Anthis, Dr. Colwell, Dr. Walters. (Agreement Form)
    • B.S. in Psychology: Dr. Carroll (director), Dr. Bordner, Dr. Irwin, Dr. Nizhnikov, Dr. Stiver (Agreement Form)
  3. Submit a digital copy of the completed form(s) and your Banner transcript (or previous school transcripts) to the SCSU Psychology Acceptance email at

    • Spring 2021 Application Deadline: Monday, March 1st

    • You will receive an email stating that "you've been accepted," into the program and will give you your new advisor's name.

    • You will automatically be permitted to sign up for PSY 300 for that semester in the 2nd 8-week session. You will be able to register for PSY 300 immediately. PSY 300 is a 1-credit, 8-week, Pass/Fail, online course). PSY 259 and PSY 300 are pre-requisites for most upper-level courses, so registering for PSY 300 will allow you to sign up for those courses for the next semester (if you have also taken, or are taking, PSY 259).


** Important Note **

There's a new acceptance form specifically for new transfer students. Only use the transfer form if you don't have a GPA at SCSU yet and you want to use your prior school grades for acceptance.

If you already have a GPA at SCSU, then use the standard acceptance form, even if you have transferred credits.

Apply For Acceptance - 
Standard Form

Apply For Acceptance -
Transfer Students Form

Mental Health Concentration
Agreement Form

BS Program Agreement Form

Accelerated Track BA to MA

Accelerated Track BS to MA