Preparatory Research Experience (PRE) Initiative

The PRE Initiative encourages undergraduate psychology research involvement. This initiative was developed by Jordan Cervantes (‘25), Dr. Christopher J. Budnick, and Dr. Michael Nizhnikov to effectively and efficiently inform undergraduate psychology students about the research opportunities offered by the Psychology Department. Early research experience is crucial for students aiming to apply to research-oriented graduate programs, such as Ph.D. programs, and careers. In general, research experience boosts one’s graduate school application. Even if you are not interested in a research-oriented program or career, or even graduate school, research involvement develops a multitude of useful transferrable skills. During your time as an undergraduate Research Assistant (RA) you will develop your writing skills, gain statistical knowledge, learn how to work in teams, and much more.

There are three main research internship courses offered: PSY 197, PSY 463, and PSY 467. PSY 197 is on a variable credit range of 1-3, and can be repeated up to a total of 6 credits. PSY 463 and PSY 467 are 3 credits each and can be taken for a collective total of 12 credits. For information for each specific course, please look at the links below.

PSY 197 - PSY 197
PSY 463 - PSY 463
PSY 467 - PSY 467

Student responsibilities and opportunities vary from laboratory to laboratory. To maximize your experience, we suggest selecting a laboratory based on your long-term interests and goals. Ultimately, participation in any laboratory is up to the discretion of the faculty member(s). To find the list of laboratories currently running please consult the following document: SCSU Research Opportunitites.docx

If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Cervantes at Additionally, if you would like to anonymously provide feedback on this initiative, please complete this Qualtrics survey