Requirements for a B.S. in General Physics

The General program emphasizes inquiry in depth into the central principles, analytical techniques and key applications of physics. The program requirements form the core of the preparation expected for graduate study in fundamental and applied physics, or for initial positions in physics-based careers.  Students can prepare for productive industrial and governmental research, development and technical management careers, and for many other science and technology oriented professional opportunities. The minimum requirement in physics is 39 credits.In addition to the courses listed above that are required of all physics majors, students in the BS in Physics - General must complete the following:

            PHY 400 and 401 - Classical Mechanics I and II

            PHY 406 - Electricity and Magnetism

            Additional courses in physics totaling at least 12 credits, no more 
            than 8  of which may be numbered below PHY 220.

            One course in Computer Science, numbered CSC102 or higher.

Students planning to be professional physicists are encouraged to pursue additional courses, independent study and research beyond the minimum requirement, in physics, mathematics and other related fields.