Past Math Honors Student Thesis

List of Selected Honors Theses in Mathematics (since 2002)

Year Student Advisor Thesis Title
2011 Robert Benway R. DeCesare The significance of real-life connections in middle and high school mathematics classes
2011 Rachael Ivison T. Bennett Bezier curves: An investigation into mathematical curves and handwriting
2011 Danielle Krueger R. DeCesare The effects of early access algebra on students' attitudes towards mathematics
2010 Daniel Radil J. Fields A discussion of multinomial coefficients and their properties
2009 Cameron Bishop J. Hong Integral closure of ideals
2007 Melissa Harrigan R. Mugno Maximization of Profit : An application of the bootstrap and regression analysis
2003 Mihaela Facaianu T. Bennett The proportional plan and the electoral college. A new analysis of the electoral college using the Shapley-Shubik index.
2003 Jonathan Knickerbocker J. Fields Conditions for the existence of finite projective planes
2002 David Fried J. Fields Deconstructing polyominoes