Majoring in Mathematics

Mathematics is of central importance to our society in many ways. One, math is a powerful tool for building problem-solving skills and developing critical-thinking skills. This means you, as a math major, will have a ton of opportunities to make a better world by utilizing your mathematical insights and problem-solving skills. Two, math is simply beautiful. To borrow the words of Olga Taussky-Todd, “the yearning for and the satisfaction gained from mathematical insight bring the subject near to art.” In the classes you will take as a mathematics major, you will experience the enchantment of discovery and exploration! Lastly, mathematics is one of the greatest products of human culture. Francis Su in his book, Mathematics for Human Flourishing, said “to miss out on mathematics is to live without experiencing some of humanity's most beautiful ideas.” These three aspects of mathematics (i.e., utilitarian, aesthetic, cultural) make majoring in mathematics something that you can love and, furthermore, that will lead to a rewarding career!

The Mathematics Department offers various undergraduate and graduate programs with curriculum containing mathematical applications to engineering, the physical and life sciences, environmental science, social science, and business. Within the Mathematics Department is a computer lab with sophisticated mathematical and statistical software packages such as MATLAB, Python, R and Sage. Students have access to the High-Performance Computing Cluster that consists of 8 nodes with 192 cores and 512GB of ram on campus. The faculty at the Math Department are engaged in active research areas including Topology, Graph Theory, Commutative Algebra, Partial Differential Equations, Analysis, Coding, Cryptography, Mathematics Education, and Statistics. The faculty are always available for advising students and engaging students in research. The Math Department is also a local GeoGebra Institute.

Career Opportunities


Academia and Teaching

Applied Mathematics (See B.S. Applied Math)

Data Science (See B.S. Data Science)

Statistics (See Applied Statistics Graduate Certification)

Other Career Paths (possible with double-majors and/or minor in related areas)

Career Research Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
American Mathematical Society
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Association of America
American Statistical Association
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Teach Math
Data Science Association
Society of Actuaries