Journalism Internship Steps

  1. Determine where and when to do your internship and for how many credits. One credit is given for every 50 hours worked. 
  2. Contact your journalism adviser to set up an appointment to discuss your internship plans.
  3. Complete the Journalism Internship Application/Contract (which requires your journalism adviser's signature), then deliver to the Journalism Chair.
  4. The Journalism Chair assigns you an internship adviser (who may be different from your regular journalism academic adviser).
  5. The Journalism Internship Application/Contract then is forwarded to the Dean's office for approval and you are then notified by the registrar about registering for the course. 
  6. Once you are registered you may begin your internship. An Internship Log should be completed each week and e-mailed, along with links or PDFs of your published work, to your internship advisor.
  7. Midway and/or toward the end of your internship, a Student's Self-Assessment of Internship form will be sent to you;  a Supervisor's Evaluation Form will be sent to your supervisor. You must also complete a 500-word essay reflecting on your internship experience. 
  8. Your journalism adviser, upon receipt of both completed forms and your essay, may review the results with you to gauge your progress and steps needed to enhance your future opportunities. Your grade will be posted after the final meeting.