Journalism Internships

While the classroom is essential to instructing and assessing students' learning, the SCSU Journalism Department understands that the transference and application of that knowledge into relevant workplace experience -- via an internship -- is an equally important tool in preparing students for the changing news media landscape.

The internships can be at traditional newspapers, online publications, television, radio, public relations.  They can be in Connecticut or out of state or out of the country.  Some recent interns have completed internships in New York City.  The idea is to gain valuable professional experience and develop key contacts.

Click here to read a post about the Summer 2017 interns.

Students usually apply for an internship following their sophomore year after having a significant number of journalism courses under their belt.  It is important that students are ready before they go out because they are representing not only themselves but the entire journalism department and the students who will follow.  Readiness means not just reporting, writing, editing, interviewing, and technical skills, but meeting deadlines, showing up on time and going beyond the basic requirements and expectations.

In a survey of internship supervisors' evaluation of SCSU interns, nine of 10 supervisors said Southern's interns were "very well prepared" or "well prepared" when they arrived to begin their internship.   Following are some of their comments:

  • "Best intern ever had.  Excellent judgment about what is interesting and ability to think deeply..." -- WNPR
  • "By far the most talented and ambitious of six interns over summer... He can see beyond scores and stats..." -- NH Register
  • "Good writing, took direction well...Her writing was far better than that of most interns...better than some of the paper's actual reporters." -- Hartford Courant  

JRN 497 - Internship (1 - 9 credits)

Practical experience working with participating publications, broadcast studios, advertising and public relations agencies, and government and community organizations, under supervision of media or agency representatives and a faculty member.

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