Journalism Alumni

Journalism alumni can be found working in jobs ranging from news reporter to lawyer. See some of the stories from former SCSU Journalism students here. You can also join the SCSU Journalism LinkedIn page or Facebook group to connect with other alumni.

Advice From Journalism Alumni

Alumni offered advice to SCSU Journalism students at the annual Alumni Night Dec. 1, 2015.


The video includes advice from:
Edward Crowder, a senior communications specialist for UIL Holdings Corporation
Tiffany Moffo Simpson, assistant director for student center services at Central Connecticut State University
Kevin Kane, public relations manager for Subway.
Kaitlin Bradshaw, marketing assistant for Wiggin and Dana
Jason Newtown, reporter for WTNH-TV
Emily Peck Prokop, assistant editor at Penny Publications
Mark Prokop, online producer for Hearst Connecticut Media
Michael Smith, senior producer for Bloomberg Digital Video
Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, vice president of admissions for Chapel Haven

Where Are They Now?

Kaitlin O'Brien ('11) now works at Mediassociates, an advertising agency in Sandy Hook, as a local television and radio buyer, working with healthcare and university clients.

"I was always an outgoing person, but majoring in Journalism forced me to talk to people that I never would have," O'Brien says. "I was forced to interview people in order to complete projects and it still to this day makes it so much easier to talk to my clients or reps."

Currently, the editorial director of Bauer Publishing's youth division, Brittany Galla ('08) oversees 11 national teen and kid magazines, including J-14, Teen Boss and Girls' World. She has also worked as an online editor at AOL and Us Weekly and has written for numerous publications, including Cosmopolitan and Fit Pregnancy Magazine.

"The Southern Journalism Department no doubt prepared me with the tools I need to succeed in any newsroom," Galla says. "From sentence structure to AP Style to paying close attention to detail, I'm reminded every day of the lessons I learned on campus."

Dylan Haviland ('17) landed a job as a staff writer for TeleTech and 1to1 Media, where he covers new business ideas, customer experience, and trending marketing topics. The company also works on a quarterly business publication called the Customer Strategist Journal.

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