Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty Spotlight

Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Carmen Coury

Assistant Professor of History; Interdisciplinary Studies Instructor & Faculty Advisor

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I earned my Ph.D. in Latin American History at Yale University and research Modern Central America. For the past fifteen years I have been researching the process of nation building and national identity formation, agrarian development, and immigration from a Central American perspective. As a scholar I have benefited from taking an interdisciplinary approach. In particular, I have melded traditional historical archival research with research techniques that borrow from anthropology, namely, participant observation and interviewing. In my IDS courses I deeply enjoy teaching students about researching, writing, and the potential advantages an interdisciplinary approach can offer them. I look forward to serving as a faculty advisor for IDS students and helping students define and navigate their individual degree paths.


Dr. William Farley

Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Interdisciplinary Studies Instructor & Faculty Advisor

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I’m a professor in the Anthropology department where I teach courses on archaeology, museum studies, and indigenous studies. My research is pretty varied; Looking at colonialism in Connecticut during the 17th century, researching the role of museums in developing heritage, and teaching by way of the intersection of archaeology and video games. I love to read novels of all stripes, play about any video game you stick in front of me, and I dabble in video editing. I run a YouTube channel about the intersection of archaeology and video games – what a nerd, huh? I am really excited to get to expand my role in the IDS program and to work with you all – never hesitate to reach out to me if you need help or just want to chat!