HLS General

Curriculum Updates 

The HLS major requirements were updated for Fall 2022. All students starting at SCSU in Fall 2022 or later will follow the new requirements.

For students enrolled at SCSU before Fall 2022

Some of the courses you see on your degree evaluation are no longer offered, or aren’t available to HLS majors. The following course substitutions are required: 

If you see: Take this instead: 
HMS 411 PCH 265
RSP 330 HLS 330 or PHI 325
RSP 415 HLS 415
RSP 440 HLS 440

Students enrolled before Fall 2022 can choose to follow their current requirements or request to switch their catalog year to the most current one. 

Submit A Request


Switching to the Fall 2022 catalog allows you to make the following optional substitutions: 

Instead of: You can take:
MAT 107.       HLS 240 with any other LEP T1QR course (MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 108)
BIO 200 BIO 100
BIO 201

Any other HLS course, or any of the following: BIO 201, ECO 320, HSC 450, JRN 332, MGT 385, PCH 202, REC 231, SPA 201, SWK 200 

RSP 440 HLS 440