HLS Speech Language Pathology Assistant

This program prepares students for employment as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant. SLPAs are support personnel who work under the supervision of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), usually in school or rehab settings. SLPAs assist speech language pathologists in treating individuals with speech, language, fluency and voice disorders in a variety of settings. They provide a wide range of services including implementing speech and language programs designed by the SLP. 

The SLPA concentration is a joint program offered by the departments of Healthcare Systems & Innovation and Communication Disorders. It combines the core coursework of the Healthcare Studies (HLS) major with a sequence of Communication Disorders (CMD) courses, including a 100-hour clinical practicum. Students who complete this program will be eligible to apply for the national American Speech-Hearing-Language Association certification. 

The SLPA concentration has a minimum GPA of 2.70. 

The HLS major requirements were updated for Fall 2022. All HLS: Speech Language Pathology Assistant majors starting at SCSU in Fall 2022 or later will follow the new requirements.

For students enrolled at SCSU before Fall 2022: 
Students enrolled before Fall 2022 can choose to follow their current requirements or request to switch their catalog year to the most current one.

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Switching to the Fall 2022 catalog allows you to make the following substitutions: 

Instead of: You can take:
MAT 107.       HLS 240 with any other LEP T1QR course (MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 108)
BIO 200 BIO 100 or BIO 200
BIO 201

no longer required [replaced by CMD 317]

If you are in a pre-2022 catalog:   
Some of the courses you see on your degree evaluation are no longer offered, or aren’t available to HLS majors. The following course substitutions are required: 

If you see: Take this instead: 
BIO 201 CMD 317
HMS 411 PCH 265
RSP 330 HLS 330 or PHI 325
RSP 415 HLS 415
RSP 440 HLS 440