Training for Faculty Advisors

These are virtual synchronous training sessions and are flexible to the needs of attendees with plenty of time for questions. 

Multiple sections of each training session are available throughout February and early March, so be sure to search across the weeks to see session availability. Additional sessions will be added as sessions fill.

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Can’t find a session time that works for you? Don't see what you need? Have questions? Email Helen Marx and we will find a way to support you.

Learn the basics of using the Navigate platform along with all of the recent updates. Those new to Navigate should take this training first; this is also ideal for those who need a refresher on what Navigate has to offer. The one-hour session will cover:  

  • accessing and navigating Staff/Professor profile pages
  • finding lists of and emailing your advisees from Navigate
  • accessing and navigating the Student Profile page
  • issuing Alerts for students who you think need additional support
  • leaving notes and reports after you advise a student

Introduction to Schedule Planner

Learn the basics of Schedule Planner and how students and faculty advisors might use the tool:

  • Searching for courses in Schedule Planner
  • Generating possible schedule in Schedule Planner
  • Student Registration via Schedule Planner
  • Add/Drop/Withdraw in Schedule Planner

In this session, Helen Marx, Faculty Director of UG Advising will provide an overview of undergraduate academic advising on campus. This session will be of interest to faculty new to advising at SCSU and any faculty who want to learn more about the new Academic Advising Centers. The one-hour session will discuss:

  • the role of assigned faculty advisors
  • the role of the Academic Advising Centers
  • tools, support, and resources for faculty advisors

In this session, Helen Marx, Faculty Director of UG Advising, will provide an overview of advising students on the Liberal Education Program, including how to use the Degree Evaluation as a tool in advising. New Fall 2020 LEP policies will be featured. The one-hour session will discuss: 

  • helping students navigate course selection in the LEP
  • using the Degree Evaluation as a tool in advising for the LEP
  • understanding the “share” policy between the LEP, Major and Cognates
  • accessing LEP Director’s evaluation for transfer students

This training provides a review of the use of Navigate to advise students. The focus is on contacting students and locating key information in their Student Profile page. It also reviews the Notes and Reports features in Navigate. This session is designed for those who have taken the Intro to Navigate training and want to deepen or review their use of the Platform. The thirty-minute session will cover:  

  • accessing and navigating Student Profile page
  • emailing lists of advisees and students from Navigate
  • understanding details of the History and Class Info tabs
  • leaving and finding notes/reports on a student
  • issuing Alerts


Learn how to set up Faculty Office Hours in Navigate, which allows students to make appointments with you via Navigate. Once a faculty member sets this up in Navigate, students can use the app or a link you provide to easily make appointments with you all semester. Those new to or needing a refresher on setting up Faculty Office hours will find this helpful. (Also see, Navigate Faculty Office Hours Video Tutorial). The thirty-minute session will cover:  

  • setting up availability for Faculty Office Hours in Navigate
  • sharing the Link with Students and how students make appointments
  • using your Outlook Calendar to block times when you are not available for appointments

Learn how to use the Alert feature of Navigate. Alerts are a way to draw attention to a student who might be at risk for a variety of reasons. Issuing an alert will create a virtual referral and prompt action from the appropriate department (Also see, Issuing an Alert Webpage and Navigate Issuing an Alert Video Tutorial). The thirty-minute session will cover how to issue an alert and how to choose an alert reason.

Learn how to run a Navigate Campaign, an efficient way to invite your advisees to make an academic advising appointment. Using this feature, you can send one email to all of your advisees and the rest is automated. Navigate will keep track of who hasn’t made an appointment with you - gone are the dozens of back and forth emails to schedule appointment times! Those new or in need of a refresher on running campaigns will find this session helpful (Also see, Navigate Advising Campaign Video Tutorial). The one-hour session will cover: 

  • setting up and editing availability
  • running a campaign
  • navigating the Campaigns section and sending follow-up invites to non-attendees
  • leaving Reports on Appointments attached to a campaign
  • using your Outlook Calendar to block times when you are not available

This training covers the use of Navigate to run searches and generate lists and reports on specific populations of students. This is particularly useful for chairs, secretaries, coordinators, program directors, and anyone who wants to use advanced filters to find groups of students. This feature allows you to run reports similar to BRIO. The one-hour session will cover:

  • how to use the advanced search page to find targeted groups of students
  • use of saved searches, reports, and student “watch” lists
  • exporting and emailing generated lists
  • generating lists of students with their assigned advisors