Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Department of Theatre wants students to leave our program with a broad understanding of and respect for every aspect of theatre. The following are the departmental student learning goals:

  1. Develop the unique and highly varied technical proficiencies inherent to the theatre profession's technologically focused areas.
  2. Demonstrate the critical thinking and analysis skills necessary to engage in high level conceptual and metaphoric textual analysis.
  3. Attain a deep appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of theatrical history in order to engage with the idiosyncratic language of professional theatre artists.
  4. Develop the physical proficiencies required of a performance artist as well as the discipline, respect, and enthusiasm necessary to maintain those proficiencies.
  5. Understand the strategies and methods necessary to be successful collaborative theatrical storytellers.
  6. Demonstrate the deep respect and appreciation for one's colleagues that is utterly vital when working in this most collaborative art form.
  7. Understand that they will never stop learning and develop the attitude and skill necessary to continue learning for the remainder of their careers.
  8. Develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude required to perpetuate theatre as a force for self-examination and social change in the world.